Hanson Street Sidewalk Improvements

Sidewalk Project Reveal Video


Beginning mid-October, the contractors for the City of Fort Myers are scheduled to install drainage improvements and sidewalk on the north side of Hanson Street from U.S. 41 east to Montclaire Avenue. Crews are expected to work during daytime hours from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday with some nighttime/overnight work expected for Hanson Street drainage crossings. The project is expected to be complete in early 2021. 

Construction – What to Expect 

Initially, crews will video the area to document existing conditions. Prior to the start of construction, a survey crew will stake the right-of-way (ROW) line on the north side of Hanson Street. Look for wood stakes marked with “R/W” and a flag as these stakes will help you determine if you have personal property items such as lighting, irrigation, landscape, monument mailboxes, etc. located in the ROW. The planned improvements will require removal of personal property items in the ROW. All personal property items in the ROW must be removed or relocated by the owner no later than October 9, 2020. Any personal property in the ROW after October 9, 2020 may be removed and disposed of by the contractor. 

Demolition will include removal of personal property items and driveway aprons within the ROW. Mailboxes may be temporarily relocated during construction. Mailboxes meeting USPS specifications will be reinstalled during restoration at the end of the project. If you have questions about items in the ROW, please contact the City’s public information consultant for the project at 239-337-1071 or via email at thayden@cella.cc 

After the ROW has been cleared, crews are expected to install the drainage improvements beginning at Montclaire Avenue and work west to U.S. 41. Crews will follow the drainage installation with new sidewalk and driveway aprons. Finally, the disturbed ROW will be re-sodded. 

Emergency Water Shut-off and Boil Water Notices 

While water line work is not included as part of this project, you may experience emergency or otherwise necessary water shut-offs. We will notify you in advance of any planned water shut-offs. If an emergency water shut-off occurs, we will notify you with a boil water notice as soon as possible. Immediately following the water shut-off, you will be required to boil your water until bacteriological tests have been taken and cleared. This boil water period usually lasts approximately three to five days. You will receive another flyer once the boil water notice has been rescinded and the water is safe to drink. Residents and businesses along and near the project should plan for unexpected water shut-offs by keeping bottled water on hand to use in case of an emergency water line break. 

Public Services (i.e., mail, garbage, Police/Fire/EMS) 

Once construction begins, the City’s contractor will maintain public services such as mail delivery, garbage/recycle and bus services. Police/Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will be notified of road closures and water shut offs. If there is someone in your home that requires special needs transportation services, please contact the City’s public information consultant for the project at 239-337-1071 or via email at thayden@cella.cc